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This will protect your document from copying, editing and printing

The good news is that there are a few dedicated websites that can helpOne of the best DOCX-compliant sites is Google Docs

be here now pdf

In addition to a free 15GB storage space, Google Docs allows users to upload DOCX files to their online DriveThe site also offers a variety of DOCX-friendly tools, including an extension for ChromeAnother good DOCX-compatible option is LibreOffice

be here now pdf

It's open source and allows users to view and edit DOCX documents without the need for Microsoft OfficeThis application is perfect for touch-based Windows devices

be here now pdf

Alternatively, iOS users can use the native Apple Pages app

Convert multiple versions of DOCX to PDF If you want to convert a lot of DOCX to PDF without Word, there are several tools you can useThis option allows you to change the default settings, such as contrast and brightness, to improve the quality of the scanned document

You can also change the type of image displayedCreate a PDF from Microsoft Word The Microsoft Word application provides users with several ways to convert their documents to PDFs

The process is simpleA user just needs to navigate to the File tab and choose Page Setup

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